Standard Hall

Silhouette von Personen und Plan des kleinen Saals vor der Fassade des RHEIN SIEG FORUMs


The Standard Hall serves every need. Guests of the RHEIN SIEG FORUM are warmly welcomed in a daylight-filled foyer and equally well-received in the entirely darkened hall, where they can enjoy a jazz concert, chamber music or a lecture. With its tremendous versatility, it also provides an excellent space for conferences, conventions and congresses. The boldly-designed counter located in front of the Standard Hall can also serve as an elegant registration centre on request.

Facts & Figures

  • 355 m² of space for up to 370 people in rows
  • Classroom style seating: 140 persons
  • Abundant daylight via floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Suitable as a foyer and hall thanks to a mobile partition wall
  • Ceiling height 5.80 m


  • Hang rigging points

  • Truss system

  • Media connections of all types


  • Stage
  • Parquet floor
  • Blackout systems


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Petra Göldner

Petra Göldner
Head of Event management

Evelyn Tanas-Wingender

Evelyn Tanas-Wingender
Head of Marketing & Sales