• When does the RHEIN SIEG FORUM open on the day of the event?
    Generally one hour before the start of the event. For more information, please refer to the event page in the programme.
    For public events, the doors of the foyer usually open one hour before the programme begins. During this time, you can relax and enjoy a drink or snack in the foyer area, drop off your items at the cloakroom and get in the mood for the programme. Often, final preparations are still taking place in the hall or on the stage during this time, so seating usually begins about half an hour before starting
  • How do I get to the RHEIN SIEG FORUM without a car?
    The RHEIN SIEG FORUM is located in the city centre of Siegburg and easily reached by all means of transportation. The ICE train station Siegburg/Bonn is only 500 metres away on foot.
    As a partner of the "rightandfair" programme for sustainability in the event industry, we would like to encourage you to avoid using your car when visiting the RHEIN SIEG FORUM. Come by bike! Starting in summer 2021, a large bicycle station will be available across from the RHEIN SIEG FORUM for you to park your bike. Alternatively, you can arrive by public transport.
  • And if I do come by car, where can I park?
    The parking centre at the RHEIN SIEG FORUM offers direct access to the building. There are over 350 parking spaces available. The parking guidance system shows you which parking spaces are still available as you enter the city. You can park your car here for 1.60 € per hour or a maximum daily rate of 9.00 €. If you enter the parking garage after 18:30, you receive a special evening rate of 2.00 €  where you can leave your vehicle until 09:00 the next day. Another advantage is that you can pay your parking fee in advance when you arrive -- no long queues at the ticket machines after the event.

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  • Which hotels are there near the RHEIN SIEG FORUM?
    You can find a directory of accommodation (hotels, vacation apartments and guesthouses) in Siegburg here.

  • What kind of catering is available at the RHEIN SIEG FORUM?
    We offer a wide selection of beverages before the programme and during intermissions at almost all events. Occasionally, we also offer a selection of drinks during a concert. Please refer to the drinks menu for details. Moreover, there is usually a small selection of daily snacks. Our recommendation: reserve a table with your culinary wishes from the service staff before the event. We will have everything ready for you at intermission.

  • Is the RHEIN SIEG FORUM barrier-free?
    RHEIN SIEG FORUM offers an optimal infrastructure for wheelchair users and people with disabilities so they can fully enjoy their visit. All halls and conference rooms are either accessible at ground level or via barrier-free elevators.

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  • How did the RHEIN SIEG FORUM originate?
    The RHEIN SIEG FORUM was initially opened 01.10.2006 as the Rhein-Sieg-Halle. From 2019 to 2021, the facility was expanded according to a design by the renowned and globally active Düsseldorf architectural firm HPP and reopened as the RHEIN SIEG FORUM in May 2021. The RHEIN SIEG FORUM is operated by Stadtbetriebe Siegburg AöR, a municipal enterprise of the Siegburg district authority.