Barrier-Free Accessibility

Nahaufnahme des Blindenleitsystems


The RHEIN SIEG FORUM offers an optimal infrastructure for wheelchair users and people with disabilities so they can fully enjoy their visit. All halls and conference rooms are either accessible at ground level or via barrier-free elevators.

Blind guidance system

People who are blind or visually impaired can find their way around the RHEIN SIEG FORUM with a guidance system for the blind. If additional assistance is required, please contact us in advance of an event.



Das RHEIN SIEG FORUM verfügt am Haupt- und am Nebeneingang Ringstraße über Eingangstüren, die über einen Sensor gesteuert werden und sich automatisch öffnen.
The main and side entrances to the RHEIN SIEG FORUM are equipped with sensor-controlled entrance doors that open automatically.
For events with free seating, individuals in wheelchairs and mobility-impaired persons with a disability ID card have the option of registering in advance. It is best to inform us of your visit via e-mail (
If there is a wait in the foyer for admission, please make yourself comfortable in the lounge furniture provided or speak to the staff on site.  You will also find seating in the upper foyer (E1).

If you have any further questions on the day of the event, the service staff on-site will be happy to help.


Sanitary facilities

Wheelchair-accessible restrooms are located both in the basement and on the conference level of the RHEIN SIEG FORUM. These are clearly signposted and can be reached via the elevator at the main entrance.


Unfortunately, there is no standard regulation on the purchase of tickets for wheelchair users and people with severe disabilities or discounts for people with severe disabilities and accompanying persons. It depends on the respective event organiser in each case. For further information if you are interested in attending an event contact us via e-mail (



Parking for visitors with disabilities is available in the parking garage attached to the RHEIN SIEG FORUM on level 2.1. From there, the RHEIN SIEG FORUM can be reached at ground level (Ringstraße entrance).